Criminal Law

“Crime” an illegal act committed by any natural or legal person which is punishable under the criminal or penal code of the said country or jurisdiction. Crimes are of varied types as in modern times it is not only restricted to physical harm but it covers monetary, moral and physical damage to any human being or an organization. Therefore, it is vital for any Criminal Lawyer in Dubai to comprehend the nature of the crime in order to offer the best suitable advice to their client. Consequently, our modern term of crimes include the following:

  • Physical violence;
  • Domestic Violence;
  • Crimes against dignity of any being;
  • Financial crimes, such as money laundering, loan fraud, cheque bounce, etc.;
  • Drug trafficking, possession and consumption;
  • Sexual crimes;
  • Murder or attempt to murder;
  • Kidnapping, abduction, assault or any threat;
  • Theft, robbery, burglary or trespassing;
  • Cyber offenses;
  • Consumption of Alcohol whilst driving or without license.

With over 15 years of significant experience in criminal matters, Stephen Hudson Legal has gained considerable expertise in representing clients accused under federal or state criminal offences within the country. The criminal law constitutes the branch of law which deals with public wrongs of offences and is divided into two parts, the substantive law and the law of procedures. The Penal Code sets out the legal provisions that determine the actions recognized as crimes and prescribes the penalties incurring for the such acts.The crimes are divided into three categories, which are Contraventions, Misdemeanours and Felonies, with felonies constituting the most serious offences. The criminal court is empowered to imprison, fine, and acquit accused persons charged with criminal offences. The criminal courts consist of the Court of the First Instance, Court of Appeals and Cassation Court, and the Criminal courts are empowered to imprison, fine or acquit the persons fined with criminal offenses. Parties have the right of appeal from the first instance court to the appeals court within fifteen days and also further with the Court of Cassation.

Our team of Best Criminal Lawyers are committed solely to criminal matters and other respective. Utilizing the most recent techniques, logical procedures, research information bases, and examination, we are ready for a prompt and compelling reaction to any criminal emergency with any client. Our cooperation approach with exceptionally talented Criminal Lawyers permits us to help our customers by addressing their particular requirements with imaginative and critical thinking and immediate and effective results. We have the experience, information, and variety to adapt to any given situation.

Our team of Criminal Lawyers are dedicated in providing our clients with the best and honest legal representation before relevant court authorities with an intention to achieve the best outcome for the client accused or is willing to file any criminal case against another individual or organization. Considering our transparent and honest approach with our clients, we always encourage our clients to sign our professional services agreement defining the terms and relation between the lawyer and the client and specifically defines the services offered to the client. Our office undoubtedly understand the need of urgent legal consultation in criminal matters, thus, all calls and emails are promptly responded to ensure complete legal guidance to all our clients without any fail. Each and every matter is significant for our firm. Our lawyers are trained to handle cases from police investigation to prosecution and criminal court. They ask for bail and submit memos and pleadings related to all charges, especially misdemeanours and any federal violations.

Our lawyers work with their clients until the case is closed in the first instance court/appeal court/Supreme Court. We guarantee that our clients are represented fairly, legally, and fully throughout the entire justice process. Our team consists of the top criminal lawyers are well versed in all the challenges in the practice of the criminal law and will represent your best interests at all stages of the processes. Our team of lawyers have the right of representation before all Courts.