Real Estate Law

We regularly assist and serve regional, national and international contractors, sub-contractors and employers with dedication to developing a thorough understanding of the construction processes and contracts. Our team of lawyers use their extensive skills and practical experience in construction and infrastructure projects to the benefit of our clients at every stage from inception through project completion.We have valuable experience with, and broad knowledge of the FIDIC standard contracts for construction and infrastructure projects which we utilize in advising our clients. We understand project finance and securities. On behalf of our clients we become involved in the pre-completion, completion and post-completion stages of negotiation, due-diligence and financing. We ensure that the client fulfils all the conditions precedent to enable smooth execution of the contracts.

In the field, we provide our foreign clients with a comprehensive range of services to foreign clients including:

  • Advising our client(s) on their legal position in a real estate dispute prior to taking the appropriate legal action, in particular prior to having recourse to the applicable court of law.
  • In order to ensure that our client(s) don’t invest (inject) good money in bad investment, we do advise them on their chances in prevailing in the real estate disputes depending on each dispute’s supporting documentation in addition to the real estate developer’s credibility.
  • In the event of being legally in a strong position in addition to the developer’s credibility, we recommend immediately pursuing the legal action given that any hesitation in injecting good money in such real estate dispute is the most devastating way to lose the client’s investment.
  • In the event of being legally In a strong position in addition to the developer’s credibility , we do advise to immediately proceed with the legal case giving that the same is the most appropriate and effective solution to reimburse my client’s invested funds
  • Preparing documents to enter into transactions with real estate owners
  • Negotiations and representation in court
  • Lodging real estate lawsuits in front of the relevant courts of law.
  • Investigating the legal regime and possible burdens of real estate
  • Obtaining bank loans to buy properties and offering advice for mortgages