Intellectual Property law

Intellectual Property law helps an Individual to take the right decision at the right time as per the property right. Intellectual property sometimes refer to IP is a creation of one’s mind; it can be an invention; literary and artistic works; designs as well as, names or images utilized in trade or commerce. Intellectual property is mainly protected by law, for instance, patents, or trademarks. These properties help a person to earn monetary benefits and recognition from what he or she created in his or her career. The main motto of intellectual property is to foster an environment in which creativity, as well as innovation, can flourish. Our leading Intellectual Property (IP) practice comprises of specialist lawyers and experienced trademark, copyright, patent professionals. We routinely handle many IP matters across the Middle East, representing major global and regional brands. Our IP practice covers;

  • Trademark Prosecution
  • Patents & Designs (Registration)
  • Copyright
  • Labeling Compliance
  • Domain Names
  • Consumer Protection
  • Competition
  • We, at Stephen Hudson Legal, always seek to make the legal process as clear and comfortable as possible for our client. An idea can change your life! That is certainly true especially when that idea is for a new business or any other latest innovation, but that idea must be protected at all cost as that is what differentiate you or your organization amongst others. It is indeed true that such tittle over a particular brand, an idea, innovation or any artistic project is considered as property in modern times rather intellectual property. Importantly, this property is governed and regulated by intellectual property laws issued by every nation or international treaties signed between several countries to secure such property on an international level.

    Each of such property is further categorised into various areas for instance trademark, patent and copyright each of them having different rules and regulations for effective governance. It is vital for owners of these properties to register them before the relevant authorities and for that matter, they may seek assistance of Intellectual property lawyers.