Our team has an exceptional record in litigation. We handle disputes in a wide variety of sectors including construction, banking, general commercial, real estate, oil & gas, IP and TMT. Members of our team have worked in both civil and common law systems. We have rights of audience before all the Courts and Union Supreme Court. Members of the team are also Part II registered with the DIFC Court.

Litigation is the most common and actively used method for resolving disputes in the United State and other Europe Country. The Litigation law in comprises of mainly the Federal Law no. 11 of 1992 and its various amendments most commonly known as the ‘civil procedural law’ which regulate the procedures, method and jurisdictions concerning all civil, commercial and personal status lawsuits. Similarly, the Federal law No. 35 of 1992 and its amendments most commonly known as the ‘criminal procedural law’ regulates the methods and procedures for criminal investigation, trials, judgments and conditions for appeal as well as enforcement of the judgement.

The local courts are structured into three levels: the Court of First Instance, the Court of Appeal and the Court of Cassation. It is important that you choose a Litigation Lawyer are credible experience and successive record of winning landmark cases speaks for itself. A strategic approach both at the initial and different progression stages of a case calls for a comprehensive vision and this is what that sets a litigation lawyer apart from the rest. Having experience is diverse civil litigation streams such as contract, property, family, tort cases as well as diverse type of criminal cases such as financial crime, fraud, murder, drug abuse, cybercrimes are another factor that characterizes an experienced Litigation Lawyer.

We approach Litigation in a pragmatic way and encourage our clients to do likewise, focusing on sensible and achievable outcomes. We make our clients aware of the alternatives to Litigation and advise them to consider the impact of costly and protracted litigation in their business and personal life. Our team also advises our clients across a broad spectrum of litigation matters including disputes and claims relating to insurance recovery, international trade disputes, fraud, and financial crime, medical malpractice claims, and professional negligence